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Online Drip Irrigation System

  • Drip Laterals - 12mm and 16mm
  • Drippers - 2, 4 & 8 LPH
  • IS:13487 - CML 2623753 & IS:12786 - CML 2526654
  • Approved by various state Government for subsidy.
  • Complete system with all accessories is provided.

Components of Online Drip Irrigation System :-

(a) Online Dripper

Online Dripper    

(b) Lateral


(c) Primary Filters

Sand Filters Hydrocyclone Filters  

(d) Secondary Filters

Disk Filter Screen Filter  

(e) Main & Sub Main Line

PVC Pipes    

(f) Other Component

Non Return Valve Control Valve Pressure Guage
Ball Valve Air Release Valve Flush Valve
Groumet Take Off Joiner
Lateral Cock End Cap  

(g) Fertigation Equipment

Ventury Fertilizer Tank